Homebrew Access Token

This page helps you to obtain an access token or IndieAuth, that you can use with home-made Micropub clients in IFTTT, Workflow and the like.
This page looks hacky on purpose, use at your own risk. Needs javascript, because it works on your own computer.
You can also save this HTML page to your own computer first, if that makes you feel safer. See the code or file an issue.
Step 1 fill out this form:

Auth Endpoint:

What is your Authorization Endpoint? You can find this by looking for rel="authorization_endpoint" if you view the source of your homepage.


For what user(URL) are you asking for permission? (Usually your domain name)


The URL (must be a URL) of the app you request a token for.


A space-separated list of things you would like to request permission for.

After clicking the button, a new window will open, where you will be redirected to your Auth Endpoint. There you can sign in and approve the new token.
After the signing, you will be redirected to http://nonexisting-domain.dev/callback, which does not exist. This is on purpose. See step 2.

Step 2 Getting the code

On the other window, you will see you're at the following address / URL:
... where 'xxx' is the code, which we need here:


Make sure to remove the &me=! Field will URL-decode for you. (%3D to = etc.)

Token Endpoint:

We also need your token endpoint, so it can give you an access token.

This value should have changed to what you have above:
Client ID

After clicking on "Go!", another new window will open, this time with your new access token (and some other stuff). Your browser might attempt to download a file, just download it and open it with a text editor.

You will see something like this:
Where 'xxx' is your access token. Have fun with it, and remember: that thing is your password. Use it wise.